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Jul 3, 2017 @ 10:36 pm

You know what’s kind of silly? How serious coffee can be sometimes. This is the exact gram amount of beans and water to use for pour over. Make sure to use a medium coarse grind setting. You have to brew it at this temperature to extract ALL the flavor of the bean. Now I’m not saying the nuances and the intricacies of brewing coffee is a bad thing. I mean, it IS what makes coffee as much an art as it is a science. But, and this is a BIG but, sometimes we just got to chill out and enjoy ourselves bit. Fun is what made us want to interview Alfred Zagloul, of @alfreddrinkingcoffee, one of our favorite coffee Instagram accounts in the first place.


Alfred Drinking Coffee Instagram - blue penguin coffee chats
source: @alfreddrinkingcoffee

If you’ve ever been on Instagram, then you know there are some legit influencers out there. Even in the coffee Instagram space, you’ll find thousands of cool, inspiring accounts. @alfreddrinkingcoffee is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Just check out his account and you’ll see why. Not only is it a fresh homage to Warhol-esque colors and simplicity, but you’ll get some funny and refreshing coffee commentary as well. Just check out this quote from @alfreddrinkingcoffee about his Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino experience. How can you not smile after reading that?


“Today I had the Unicorn Frappuccino from @starbuckscanada. A base flavor of vanilla, syrupy flavor of mango and after a few sips it changed to a subtle berry flavor offering an array of different flavors in one drink. It was confusing.” – Alfred says with a straight face.


We sat down with Alfred to figure out how he got started with his unique coffee Instagram account in the first place and what coffee means to him! If you like what you see so far, make sure you follow his Instagram in addition to his fresh new blog



Alfred Drinking Coffee Instagram collage - blue penguin coffee chats
Source: @alfreddrinkingcoffee


1. Ok, Alfred, can you tell us a bit more about you? Where do you live and what’s your day job?


Other than being an accountant who loves coffee, there isn’t really much else to know. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and have been here all my life. As mentioned on the Instagram account, I am an Accountant. I’m an accountant for Daily Hive, which is an Online Publication and have been with them for about a year now.



2. How did your love of coffee get started? Do you have a story to tell about the moment you knew you were hooked?


Just like most people, I started drinking coffee just to get through College. It was simply a means to make it through my exams. My first job out of College was an accountant for a coffee company, and that’s when I started to get used to the idea of drinking coffee for pleasure rather than a means to an end. On my days off, rather than going to restaurants and such, I found myself going to coffee shops more and more. It was around that time where I started Identifying different flavor notes in the coffees that I drank, so I wanted to see what kind of variations I could find.



3. We absolutely love your Instagram account here and think all your posts are hilarious. Where did you get the idea for @alfreddrinkingcoffee?


It all happened all of a sudden. I walked into the office at Daily Hive one day and my coworkers mentioned how much coffee I drank. We started throwing around the idea of starting an Instagram account to showcase the coffees that I drink. After a few months of planning, we fell on this idea and we just went with it. 8 months later I’m doing this interview so I’m assuming people like the account.



4. We have to ask, how big is your collection of plain colored shirts?


As an accountant first and foremost, it would be financially irresponsible of me to buy more than 1 of the same shirt. I have 10 shirts, one in each colour plus 2 different branded Alfred Drinking Coffee shirts. I might add more one day in the mix but we shall see.



5. Obviously, you’ve tried a bunch of different coffees by now. Quick, what’s your favorite type of coffee and brew method and why?


Favorite method has to be the pour-over. There’s something about it that just makes the coffee taste so much better. (We’re with him. Check out our quick pour over guide to find out why we like it the best too.) As for my favorite type of coffee, I prefer coffees with fruitier notes to them, as it adds a natural sweetness to the coffee that cannot be beaten.



6. One last thing, tell us what coffee means to you?


Some days a good cup of coffee is the reason I wake up in the morning. Even on weekends, I refuse to start my day until I’ve made the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is also a social tool in my eyes, it can bring people together and allow for exchanging of ideas. Meeting for coffee has become so common in our society now and so much comes out of those meetings, so I just want to take the time to thank coffee for all it has done for us.



Alfred Drinking Coffee Instagram collage 2 - blue penguin coffee chats
Source: @alfreddrinkingcoffee


Follow the Alfred Drinking Coffee Instagram and don’t forget to check out his fresh new blog to read up on his latest musings, favorite Coffees of the Week, and just to keep up with what this creative coffee loving accountant is up to!

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