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Costa Rica Las Lajas Micro-Mill 12oz Bag

Flavor Notes:
Full body with a deep strawberry like sweetness backed by honey and toffee flavors in the finish.

During our initial selection process, we knew we wanted to share the experience of a special, unique flavor profile, with everyone we knew. We found that bean in our Costa Rica Las Lajas Micro-Mill. This is one of those beans that you don’t run across very often in the specialty coffee industry and one that is hard to get a hold of. We sourced the beans from Benefico Ecological Las Lajas, a Costa Rica Organic micro-mill located in Sabanilla de Alajuela, in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. The micro-mill and their farm, Finca El Chilamate, situated 1,450 meters above sea level, is owned by third generation farmers, Dona Francisca and Don Oscar Chacon.

Certified 100% Organic

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The beans are Honey Processed, which uses the oldest known method of processing coffee. During the Honey Process, a tiny bit of the inside of the coffee fruit is stuck to the bean while it dries. This is unlike the traditional wet process of removing all the fruit before drying. When done well, like our coffee here, you’ll get a coffee character which is shiny, bright, with surprising sweetness; kind of like when you bite into a refreshing apple. Our Costa Rica has been known to convert those “room for cream” coffee drinkers into straight black coffee snobs!

Quick Facts:
-Roast: Light
-Process: Black Honey
-Altitude: 1,450 Meters
-Variety: Caturra, Catuai

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Weight12 oz

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